Benefits of Playing Clash of Clans

It might sound absurd to many people that how can there be benefits of playing a simple game? To many a game is just a waste of time, unless you are able to learning something from it. Clash of Clans is not just a simple game but one of the best strategy games in the industry.

Clash of Clans is a game that needs you to build your clan in order to protect your village from attacks from other clans. You also attack other players and that is how the game works. It is all about having good attacking skills and great defensive strategies.

This game helps you to realize the importance of planning before actually undertaking any task. Making a plan of how to attack and devising ways to do it, all requires a great deal of planning in the game.

  • Optimizing the right elements and the right mix of troops for yourself in order to win the wars helps children learn about the benefits of optimizing.
  • Developing strategies is by far the best advantage of playing this game. Real life also requires strategies and when you are playing this game you learn how important it is to plan ahead for the future.
  • Taking care of the entire village makes you learn about responsibility as you have to take care of all your important resources in it or you might lose it all in a split second if you let your guard down.

The game is free, so there is no money spent on it. It is a great way of learning and passing time and good entertainment which does not cost anything.

This game helps you to develop real friendships. Many users who have been playing Clash of Clans for years have actually become great friends and started using a clash of clans hack, after being in the same clan and having similar likes and interests.

Thus, Clash of Clans can be a great way of learning and applying these tactics in life will surely bring a lot of positive changes in life.

4 Important facts about Hay Day

Hay Day is a freemiumvirtual online farming game. It is free to download and install but it contains in-app purchases. The origin of the name is related to the old expression heyday. The expression means time of happiness.

  • Special experience of Hay Day

Hay Day gives all players an option to experience farming life. Previous background in farming is not necessary to enjoy the game. Hay Day is absolutely easy to use and master. The initialgame tutorial will show all players the necessary steps to plant, crop and sell their products. The game will let you enjoy nice farming environment, without experiencing the death of plants or animal due to lack of water or care. Hay Day farmers will get coins for selling their products. They will also achieve progress and have access to more levels. The more levels they open, the more features they will unlock. Derbies, events and decorations are essential features that players can enjoy. The game contains many decoration options that will help all players spice things up in their farms. Racing and winning derbieswill enhance players’ achievement records. Hay Day is constantly testing the players with challenges and events. When a player wins a contest or a challenge, he wins valuable awards and prizes. These prizes will help them in improving their farms. The

Important facts about Hay Day

  • It all started in 2009

Supercell starts developing the game in 2009, but it was officially released on iOS platform in 2012 and in 2013 on Android platform. In July 2017 the company announced celebrating the 5th anniversary of official release of Hay Day.

  • Supercell is behind the success

Creating and developing such successful game is not by chance. It is a result of full commitment and hard work. The Finnish company, Supercell developed and released Hay Day on different platforms. The company is used to creating such great and successful games. Supercell also created the successful online game, Clash of Clans. Many reports indicate that the company has earned more than 30 million$ after the first release of both games so using a hay day hack won’t hurt them. Although both games have different storylines, they share huge popularity and phenomenal online success.

  • Players participate in developing Hay Day

Supercell is always making sure to develop a strong relationship with its fans.The company seriously takes the suggestions and demands of its loyal fans and online community members.Hay Day developershave inspired many updates inside the game from the ideas, suggestions and requests of the players.

  • The game is available in multiple languages

Supercell is always keen on expanding the base of Hay Day players around the world. The company updates the game continuously to satisfy the needs and tastes of all players. The updates add advanced features and new items to all game aspects. In addition to constant updates, the company is making Hay Day available in more than 20 languages. These languages include English, Italian, simplified and traditional Chinese, French, German and Arabic.